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shinypoke's Journal

Afficionados of Shiny Pokémon
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Anything and everything relating to shiny Pokémon
Welcome to ShinyPoké, the premier community for fans of rare, beautiful, shiny Pokémon! Feel free to flaunt your captured shinies here, post shiny pokémon art, swap tips on catching shiny Pokémon, trade shinies, and discuss favorite shiny Pokémon!

Moderated by pacificpikachu. Feel free to contact me at my personal journal or e-mail address--which is phoenixfreedom AT yahoo.com (pacificpikachu)--if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. If anyone wants to create a layout, or help out the community in any way, feel free to ask me. I'm pretty much open to anything.


1. Stay on topic! Off-topic posts will be deleted without notification. Conversations getting off-topic in comments is perfectly fine and will be tolerated, but posts to the community must be related to shiny Pokémon in some way.

2. Please, no inflammatory language or discrimination. Be polite to your fellow members. Excessive rudeness may be punished with a warning, and if behavior doesn't change, you may be banned from the community.

3. No spamming the community! You are perfectly free to post new shiny Pokémon whenever you obtain them, but please try to keep them in one post if they're in quick succession. (IE, two or three posts a day is all right if they're spaced a few hours. It is not, however, okay to post several times in a row or minutes after another post you made.)

4. No badgering other users for their shiny Pokémon. If someone wants to trade you something, they will, and if they don't, it's best to leave them alone. Excessive requesting also goes under this rule. NO POSTING REQUESTS FOR A CERTAIN POKEMON MORE THAN ONCE EVERY FIVE DAYS.

5. Trading is allowed and encouraged! The only thing we request is that you tell others if the Pokémon you're offering are hacked. We don't want anyone ending up with unwanted hacks here, as it could cause disappointment or drama. Hacks are, however, welcome, for those who want to offer or receive them.

6. We're not limited to shiny Pokémon in the games here. You may also discuss shiny Pokémon in the anime, TCG, or any other medium you wish.

7. Please place large or non-worksafe images (haha, yeah right) under a cut. Warn if an image is not worksafe.

8. Fanart and fanfiction are allowed and encouraged, just as long as the focus is on shiny Pokémon.


Q: Will my Pokémon stay shiny if it evolves?
A: Yes, your Pokémon will remain shiny regardless of evolution. Once a shiny, always a shiny.

Q: What are the chances of running into a shiny in the wild, or hatching one in an egg?
A: Assuming you are not chaining with the Pokéradar, your odds of catching or hatching a shiny Pokémon are 1/8192. This also applies to reanimating fossils and other methods of obtaining Pokémon. For "stationary" (non-moving) legendaries, it is possible to save in front of them and reset your game until the encounted Pokémon is shiny. However, this will most likely take an extremely long time.

Q: If I breed my shiny Pokémon, will I have a better chance of its children being shiny?
A: No, the odds of hatching a shiny baby remain the same regardless of whether the parent is shiny or not. However, in generation II games (Gold, Silver, Crystal) the odds are much better of hatching a shiny Pokémon if one or both parents are shiny.

Q: What is Pokéradar chaining? How does it work, and how can it help me get a shiny Pokémon faster?
A: Luckily, ibaly wrote a wonderful basic guide to chaining, which you can view in our memories or right here. starraptor and r_amythest both cover some of the more advanced chaining tips (with diagrams) here and here. In addition, this thread on the Bulbagarden forums may be of help: here If you have further questions or concerns about chaining, our members would most likely be willing to help you figure out how chaining works.



Please ask if you want your community to affiliate with shinypoke!