chibibo (mattsterweb) wrote in shinypoke,

let's go and pogo and US, oh my

I got Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee the other week and here's a picture of my nerdy boy:
(President of Chess Club, Magic: The Gathering enthusiast)

But you didn't come here to see that. You came for the shinies!
This one burst onto the scene at random, full odds, no charm or catch combo or lure or nothin':
(yes that is absolutely a shiny. what do you take me for)

There's also this guy who rocked up to my actual house one night last week asking for donations. I donated a Poké Ball to his face:
(dang it i should have said "donated a poke ball to his dome", how friggin' witty would that have been)

And then this that I keep forgetting, I got super bored on a train ride a few weeks ago and went Ultra Wormhole surfing and, well...
(definitely got the shinning charm in that game tho)

There's a ton more that I've SOS chained in the Gen 7 games and maybe I'll do a megapost later to show them off but uh. that's it for now. Adios!
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