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Statistics Questions & Saying Hi

Hello, shiny folks!

It's been a while, and I've enjoyed catching up on everyone's activity here. It's so nice to see that Pokémon X and Y have sustained the interest in shiny hunting with the introduction of chain fishing and the reboot of the Poké Radar (wooo!).

I have a question for the community that focuses on the D/P/Pt games, though. Does anyone know if there are sources anywhere that list the total number of chainable shinies within these games? I'm asking because I've been on a mission to capture a shiny of every species found by Poké Radar in Gen IV for several years now, and I'd like to break out my statistics and know with certainty how many I've caught out of how many obtainable species, possibly by finer category distinctions (e.g. Trophy Garden exclusives, element types, grand total, etcetera).

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Why doesn't she just tally them up herself?" The answer to this is that I have, but I constantly second-guess whether or not my numbers are correct. I bit the bullet once and combed through Bulbapedia to generate my own list, but just tonight I found a mistake (Clefairy is in the Trophy Garden; this is not indicated as a possible location on Clefairy's Bulbapedia page, but it is indicated on the Trophy Garden page, as I just discovered). Knowing that I've made errors makes me wish I had another source to confirm whether or not I'm right in believing, for instance, that there are 202 separate chainable pokémon in D/P/Pt.

So, does anyone know of a source like this for shiny hunters? Or is anyone willing to compile it themselves? I'd be super grateful for any information. Thank you!
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