No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in shinypoke,
No one you know :]

Fish & 'Fari's

So... I think some of mattsterweb's luck is rubbing off...

The other day I decided to try Consecutive Fishing again (as I was trying for a Dratini...that didn't work LOL) So went to Shalour City and found a Shiny Chinchou on a relatively low chain! It doesn't look too different from a non-shiny, but eh, still awesome as I had been wanting it :)

Then tonight was on the way home from work, so was running around in the Friend Safari (after giving up on the Radar again, sigh) when a Shiny Wartortle (!!!!!!) popped out!!! I squeed! Seeing as I had been running around this Safari most of the day during my downtime at work...

I went out of the Safari to go to the IV guy and look at it in PokemonAmie and then went back in a different Safari...and I kid you not, less than 5min after the Wartortle, out popped a Shiny Maractus!!! Which made me squee again! Last week I decided it was cute and was hunting for it, with no when he popped out I squeed again! (Bonus is that it has it's hidden ability :D)

Today was a good day :D

Not sure about Wartortle and Chinchou but I'm gunna name Maractus Fiesta :D

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