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Short entry for now...Basically...

Will post more pictures later with stats as well as something else...but for now!

After an OBSCENE amount of hours and frustration and screaming and hair pulling...THIS FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!

I was, and currently still am, on skype w/ my friend (who is not a Pokemon player, but understand my obsession) and she just got a scream in her ear!

I FINALLY got it to a chain of 40 after *hours* of it breaking at 25 or less.

Reset a few times and BAM! I was hoping for a male so I could name it Van Gogh, but I'm SO THRILLED ANYWAY! May name her Starry (Starry Starry Night is my fav Van Gogh painting) or Cosmo or Beckett (Castle is my fav TV show, and it's on tonight lol)

Anyway...I have more to post...but I'll update this post later tonight when I can.

Currently resetting just in case it's like DPPt and more shiny's pop up (I dunno if the mechanics are the same in XY) and then watching above mentioned show, lol.



Here are the stats of the Smeargle and it's ADORABLE in PokemonAmie! Caught it in my Masterball because i completely forgot Sketch only had 1PP and it escaped the other balls I tried *sigh* (and forgot to bring my false swipe Pokemon w/ me...)

And then Pupitar was a random shiny last night at 2am...was falling asleep in bed just biking randomly in the Safari and the shiny "ping" woke me up :D

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Congrats! :D
^___^ Flail!
Thanks!! :D
Yay, congrats! Chaining seems pretty difficult this generation, so I'm impressed! I've caught one shiny through chaining so far, but it was on a low chain...
Thank you! And it's ridiculously more difficult this generation. Not to mention there's been rumors that once you get a shiny, the chain resets back to "0" regardless if the music is still going...

After I caught this one I reset the radar for over an hour and got no more Shiny Patches (where in DPPt, for example, I was able to get 7 Aron from one chain of 75 in about 10-15min?)

So I still don't really understand the full mechanics of this gens radar...

Have you heard the upbeat tempo music yet while chaining? That supposedly increases odds of finding a shiny. Out of all the times I have heard it, I have only see the patch once...Shiny Furfrou in another post on here...and that was on a chain of 9 (after randomly chaining for hours...)

Smeargle though, OMG... 6hrs yesterday? and at least 5hrs today...and no matter what the chain would ALWAYS break around 25. This was the first time I got to a chain of 40...

And WOW this was a long reply, sorry about that!

What shiny did you chain though?
Yeah, I've been surprised by the difficulty because I got pretty good at chaining in DPPt, and in X/Y so far I seem to break my chains all the time, even when I'm being careful and resetting my PokéRadar a lot... That said, I'm hearing about quite a few people finding shinies on low chain numbers, so maybe at least our chances are better in that regard.

I have heard the music several times! I've heard from a number of sources that they got shiny patches during it, so I think the odds might be better during that time. Whenever I hear it, I reset the radar in hopes that the music will continue and maybe a shiny will appear. None so far during the upbeat music, but that said I haven't done all that much chaining yet, so there is still plenty of hope!

That's a lot of time, but at least it all paid off in the end! And I chained myself a shiny Azumarill, which I've been wanting for multiple generations now. She was number 7-8 on the chain or so! I'm going to post all my shinies soon, maybe tonight, I've just been lazy about uploading images, haha.

(No worries about the long reply, I'm kind of the queen of long replies usually. :'D)
Agreed! I am SUPER careful with chaining now...where normally (DPPt era) I would see a patch and know it was "Safe", now when i see the same patch, I skip it and reset (if that makes any sense...) - And I've been hearing that as well...just unsure if it's true or if it's a matter of the funky music or something else...cause supposedly the odds are the same.

I do the same. Every time I hear it I just keep resetting. The longest it's stayed on for was 4 resets..only once have I gotten a shiny while it was playing. Based off the hours I chained for Smeargle seems to play at least once an hour...or once every hour and a half. As in, play time. For exmaple. I had a chain of 24 and it broke (which now takes me an hour due to being super careful) and then when I started my next chain, as soon as I fainted the first Smeargle it started playing. I have no idea how accurate this is...just what I have experienced :D

EPIC! On Azumarill!!! Marill was actually my first proper random encounter shiny (in Ruby, I think)! And you so should post lal your shinies!! But totally get the being lazy! Cannot wait to see them!!

(and okies :D I feel bad sometimes as I never realize how much I actually type until I post it and then I think "oh crap, that is SO a TL;DR length! lmao)
PS: what's your FC btw? (Mine = Monica 0705-2401-9583) :D
Pacific 5257-9240-1821
Added :D!