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So, I finally got my PokeRadar. Super excited, ready to go. I LOVED chaining in DPPt and was excited to try in XY...

Then I realized that there really aren't many places to chain (area size-wise)... not to mention having to pay MUCH closer attention to how the bushes shake. After chaining for 10+ hrs and failing (highest chain was 38 on Fletchling) JUST now at a chain of 9, while that funky music (see below, under pic) was playing, this guy appeared! :D

At this point I was just chaining *ANYTHING* I ran in to cause I feared it was close to impossible to chain successfully in this game (next highest chain was 23) so where as he wasn't really what I was going for, I am SO happy I got him! <3 Haven't thought of a name yet though...

Also, could I ask a favor... Would one of you be so kind to check his IVs? I tried using 2 different calculators and either I'm not understanding (STILL! sigh) or he really just has crappy stats? The help would be incredibly appreciated!

**Funky Music**
During my first chaining session (Fletchling) in the middle of the chain the normal PokeRadar music switched to some weird upbeat music, completely different from the Radar music. So I quickly googled it and found the below link.'s random and it's also random when it ends...example, it could stop after you reset the it did for me with the post says, it could increase the shiny chance. So when said funky music started playing during Furfrou, I got to reseting the the second reset, chain of 9, the shiny patch appeared! Wanted to give you all the heads up about this just in case you were yet to encounter it :D

PS: I figured I'd ask... since there's only about 3 of us here atm, would you all wanna trade FCs? If so... mine is 0705-2401-9583 (Monica) :D


Just woke up (sad, I know, first thing I grab is my DS...) and went into a friend safari...and look who popped out after 9min! (Was hoping for a Larvesta, but still, I'll take him!) :D
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