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Pokemon X!

WOW! I have not posted here since the days of DPPt, if anyone is still around, how have you all been?!

I have been completely obsessed with Pokemon X since the day it came out (for some weird...VERY weird reason...I couldn't really get in to BWB2W2 :( so I didn't play them much, though I do own them so maybe one day I'll go back)

ANYWAY... I squeed when I learned you could get the PokeRadar again in XY! So I was just casually playing along until I was able to get it after the Elite 4 etc when I learned about Consecutive Fishing...

Long story way shorter...I started to Consecutive Fish yesterday while taking a break at work (oops?) when on a chain of *7* I ran into a Shiny Sedra and I couldn't believe it O_O! Eventually, I caught it (Which btw, AWESOME that in XY the Pokedex displays Shiny Sprites)...and then I kept the chain going... at around 22 a Shiny Clawitzer appeared! I flailed again! The chain broke at 32 because I hit the button too soon. But still, I couldn't believe it!

I then went to try my luck with Magikarp on Route 3 (I always loved the Red Gyarados in GSC) - at a chain of 47 a Shiny Magikarp appeared!

Getting these 3 shiny's took...MAYBE an hour-hour and a half to get! When sometimes in DPPt PokeRadar'ing sometimes took *hours*

However, I learned last night that it doesn't always yield a shiny (just like the PokeRadar) - I decided to chain for Poliwag... at a chain of 300 it broke because I fell asleep...bigger oops.

Also, my first shiny ever in Pokemon X (first shiny I have gotten since DPPt) was a random encounter Shiny Solosis in Reflection Cave! SO awesome because Psychic is my fav type :D a note...

Sedra & Clawitzer were chained using a Super Rod in Ambrette Town (After you walk through the Aquarium and go down the stairs, go left and walk around on the narrow beach until you get to a rock cluster)

Magikarp was chained on Route 3 in the middle of the small lake using an Old Rod :)

I still have yet to think of names for any of them and after all these years still am not too great and the IV/EV stuff... but hopefully I'll make a Shiny Team at some point :)

How have you guys been liking Pokemon XY so far??

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